Practice of Innovation

"The way we work is our most important innovation." Observations by Curtis R. Carlson

Improving Innovative Performance

The Role of Different Innovation Models There are many models for improving innovative performance. For anyone entering the field it is confusing. The supporters of each approach tend to believe their model can apply to all situations. That is only partially true. There are unique models appropriate to different businesses and for different stages of value creation.  (See also the related post, Visualizing the Innovative Enterprise.)

Visualizing the Innovative Enterprise

Continuous Creation of New Customer Value What does an innovative enterprise look like? Steve Denning and I recently discussed this question.  He asked, what is the right organizational image that communicates the fundamental ingredients required for innovative success? Consider the figure shown, which is my version of our collaborative efforts. See also the post, Improving Innovative Performance. Customer focus: Customers and their market ecosystem, to the right, are the focus of all.. Read More