Practice of Innovation

"The way we work is our most important innovation." Observations by Curtis R. Carlson

Creativity and Innovation

The Arts and Entertainment In a recent post stimulated by a conversation with David Nordfors and Pramod Khargonekar and his team at NSF, I suggested a more general definition for innovation: Innovation is the creation and delivery of surprising new knowledge that has sustainable value for society. All innovations are surprising and all are, to some degree, sustainable.   Otherwise, as we have discussed at this blog, they are not innovations.

Innovation and Narrative

Are You an Innovator? People are often confused about whether they are innovators or not. They might think of Steve Jobs and say to themselves, “That’s not me, I have never done anything remotely that significant.” They question whether they are, or can be, innovators. When asked, most academics say they are definitely not innovators. But they are, or should be. This confusion is destructive because it limits what people believe.. Read More

How Much Better Can We Get?

At Innovation, a Lot Innovation is the primary driver of prosperity, job growth, social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and national security.  Activities that improve the world’s innovative performance are major contributions to society. Today almost every measure of innovative performance is poor.  My colleague, Len Polizzotto, often points out that more than 80% of new products fail in less than a year. They don’t fail because of poor technology; they fail because no.. Read More