Measure Your Innovative Potentialstevejobs

Can your enterprise or team succeed?  I have created two spread sheets that allow you to measure the innovative potential of your enterprise and your project team.  I call them the Enterprise Innovative Index and the Project Innovative index.  A discussion about their design and utility can be found by clicking on either Innovative Indices at the top of the home page or here.  

The Enterprise Index spread sheet is here.

The Project Index spread sheet is here.  

These are subjective metrics, but the attributes listed are fundamental to success.  My hope is that the indices will stimulate a discussion among your teammates to promote improvement.  I have added a few reference enterprises on the spread sheets, including Apple and SRI International.  As you will find out, getting a high score is very hard.  If Steve Jobs is one of your benchmarks for innovative excellence, then you will understand why.  There is a reason Apple has 92% of smart phone profits