Focus on the Customer

Lite-On team in Taiwan

This week Len Polizzotto and I held an interactive workshop on the Practice of Innovation in Taipei, Taiwan.  The workshop was with 18 Lite-On executives, led by Alex Huang and Tom Soong. Lite-On is a leading, $7 billion dollar company (In the picture I am in the back with the blue shirt, Len is to my left, Tom is to my right, and Alex is to the right of Tom.).Like all companies today Lite-On is working to improve its innovative effectiveness.  Below is the outline of the workshop we conducted, which focused on identifying important new customer and market needs and then converting those needs into successful new innovations.

Need for innovation
Introduction to value creation
NABC value propositions and action pitches
Iteration, genius of teams, and value-creation forums
Important customer needs
3-Cs, the dimensions of value, and white spaces
“Latent” customer needs
Key insights into the need
Working hypotheses: solution and business model
Competitive advantage
Eliminating risk and “bringing it to life”
Innovation’s 5 disciplines
Strategic intent
Innovation by deliberate design