Practice of Innovation

"The way we work is our most important innovation." Observations by Curtis R. Carlson

A Transparent World

Challenges and Opportunitiesinternet_world_fullwidth

Last year I was in Singapore and met Israel’s former economic minister.  When I asked why he was there he said, “Like Singapore, Israel is a small country.  Most of the world’s important opportunities, talent, and resources are somewhere else.  I am here to discuss how to make the world transparent for us.”  That is an important idea.  This objective is also being pursued by companies and universities around the world.  (more…)

The Transparent Company

A New Model Is Required

In a previous post, A Transparent World, properties of our increasingly transparent world were discussed.  Here we discuss what these ideas mean for companies.  I will focus on three themes:

  1. Employ a Value-Creation Playbook focused on the customer.
  2. Use web-based collaboration platforms to create a transparent value-creating enterprise.
  3. Work globally with the best talent inside and outside the company.


The Transparent University

Education Will Be Transformed

In a previous post, A Transparent World and The Transparent Company, the properties of our increasingly transparent world were discussed.  Here we discuss what these ideas mean for universities.  There are four main themes emerging that will profoundly change education and research:

  1. On-line education that emulates the most effective learning-science principles.
  2. Development of value-creation skills through project-based learning.
  3. R&D and innovation initiatives using value-creation best practices.
  4. Global experiences and perspectives through both real and virtual collaborations. 


How to Change an Organization’s Culture

Find a Partner, Stick to the Fundamentals, and Start _DSC5673v3 copy

I gave a webinar to The Learning Consortium in May about how SRI International went from failing to being one of the world’s most productive R&D and innovation enterprises, having created Siri, HDTV, and many other world-changing innovations.  The presentation is here.  Throughout the presentation the hundreds of participants were asked questions. The answers are in the slides.  After the presentation the audience asked me additional questions about SRI’s transformation, which are given below with my answers.  For background, here is Steve Denning’s Forbes article about culture change at SRI while I was CEO.  The first rule was to never mention “culture change.” 

Never Stop Learning

James Madison University Commencement unspecified-12

On May 7th I had the honor of giving the graduation commencement address at James Madison University in Harrisonburg Virginia.  It was raining but we kept going and everyone had a wonderful time. The students were terrific.  Below is the speech I gave to the students. (more…)