The Discipline and Practice of Innovation  

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Creating a high-value innovation architecture

Innovation is not the result of a lone genius or luck.  There are innovative superstars, but most professionals can be successful innovators once they learn how.  And, since we all have customers, we should all be creating more value for them.  Innovation is a disciplined process based on fundamental concepts from the learning sciences combined with best practices from the world’s most successful innovators. 

Our approach, the Discipline and Practice of Innovation, includes the following elements integrated into a systematic system for individuals, teams, and enterprises:

· Big, growing market opportunities
· Customer needs — major “headaches”
· Pain killing products or services
·  Sustainable business models
·  Best teams

·  Mastery of value-creation
·  Positive incentives and human values
·  Enterprise innovation architectures

·  Complete innovation ecosystems

Over time, all of these elements must be satisfied.