Practice of Innovation

"The way we work is our most important innovation." Observations by Curtis R. Carlson

Practice of Innovation W/S

Focus on the Customer

Lite-On team in Taiwan

This week Len Polizzotto and I held an interactive workshop on the Practice of Innovation in Taipei, Taiwan.  The workshop was with 18 Lite-On executives, led by Alex Huang and Tom Soong. Lite-On is a leading, $7 billion dollar company (In the picture I am in the back with the blue shirt, Len is to my left, Tom is to my right, and Alex is to the right of Tom.). (more…)

Valley of Death

Call It Value Creation342387_1

I was in a meeting with a number of people responsible for R&D and innovation funding. We were discussing how industry and university collaborations might be made more successful. Today most agreed, results are poor. (more…)

4Q Innovators

IQ, EQ, SQ, and GQ

T-shaped individuals

What’s a T-shaped person?  At conferences on innovation there are often discussions about personality types that make for good innovators.  One popular designation is “T-type” or “T-shaped” personalities.  There are different definitions for T-types, so there is some confusion about what “T” means.  For example, the “T” can stand for thrill seeking. “A personality type that takes risks. Type Ts tend to be extroverted and creative, and crave novel experiences and excitement; they can be positive (entrepreneurs) or negative (sociopaths); mental (Einstein, Galileo) or physical (extreme athletes).”   (more…)

Siri: A Disruptive Innovation

Adam Cheyer Discusses the Origins of Siri

Tom Gruber, Dag Kittlaus, and Adam Cheyer

What does it take to create a world-changing, disruptive technical innovation?   The history and technology behind Siri, the world’s first intelligent computer assistant, is described here by Adam Cheyer, one of the founders of Siri, the SRI company bought by Steve Jobs for use on the iPhone-4.  Siri added tens of billions of dollars of market value to Apple and profoundly changed the way the world thinks about interacting with computers.   (more…)

Innovation for Jobs

I4J Conference

David Nordfors & Vint Cerf

From around the world sixty invited experts on areas of innovation gathered at Google yesterday at the “Innovation for Jobs Ecosystem Conference.”  The conference co-chairs were David Nordfors (founder and director of the center for Innovation Journalism) and Vint Cerf (“father” of the Internet and National Medal of Technology winner).

Innovation is the basis for prosperity and the creation of new jobs but it is also responsible for job destruction and major societal change.  One overriding question is whether we will be able to create enough net new jobs going forward?  This issue is of great concern across the world. (more…)